Sometimes it is difficult to predict how long your injuries will remain after you have been hurt in an accident. There are certain injuries that can be sustained in an automobile accident that are referred to as long-lasting or residual ailments. It’s critical to comprehend how such lingering injuries could impact the settlement worth of your claim. This post will go over how residual injuries affect the value of your personal injury claim.

The phrase “residual injury” refers to long-lasting or permanent injuries sustained by accident victims. Contact a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney to learn more about the residual injury damages in your case. Among residual injuries are:

  • Scarring is persistent residual damage. This may have happened due to the person’s initial injury or the necessary medical care they received. When scarring is severe and obvious, the plaintiff receives a high compensation for their losses. Such a high rating can be attributable to aesthetic considerations as well as the fact that scar tissue makes the fleshless pliable where it is present. Scarring on joints or other flexible body parts may cause a temporary loss of movement that eventually becomes permanent. As a result, it justifies a greater damage estimate.
  • Injury to the joints or back: Some injuries to the joints or back result in long-term or permanent consequences following an accident. This is especially true in cases where the accident results in 
    • vertebral constriction, displacement, or 
    • injury to the spinal discs.
    • Any joint damage involving cartilage, dislocation, or ligaments

  • Disfigurement: It frequently happens that any monetary compensation for an individual’s disfigurement is only worth a lot of money if the scarring and disfigured area are visible to the public. Disfigured portions that are hidden by clothing or that may be covered by clothing typically do not carry a significant value for damages.

Even if it might be true that the pain goes away or the injury heals or stabilises, it’s likely that as the injured person ages, they will have some level of discomfort, pain, or immobility. Consequently, larger compensation values are attracted by these injuries.

The truth is that a lingering injury, disability, or disfigurement can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your life, regardless of how little it may be. And when harm has a significant impact on our lives, it directly affects the worth of our personal injury lawsuit.