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Have you recently been injured in a car accident in Virginia Beach?  Hiring a top law firm may help increase the value of your settlement. Why? Because a car accident lawyer is specifically focused on looking out for the victim’s best interest.  The firm will fight for the highest settlement offer possible for the case.  Oftentimes, accident victims are entitled to significant compensation if someone else is at fault for an accident. The role of a top auto accident firm is to ensure that compensation is fully recovered.

Under Virginia law, if an individual has been injured in an auto accident as the result of recklessness or negligence of another individual, you may be entitled to monetary damages.

In 2020, the National Safety Council reported that over 42,000 people were killed in automobile accidents in the US, up from 39,107 in 2019. The National Safety Council is a nonprofit that focuses on eliminating preventable deaths.  According to preliminary reports for 2021, an estimated 6,500 people are injured in car crashes every single day.  Car accident injuries that prevent injured individuals from returning to “life as normal” for days, months, even years can become overwhelming – not only to the victims but for their families and friends as well.

Hiring the #1 Car Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach will Put Someone in Your Corner

After an accident, it is important to notify the car insurance companies but insurance companies are not automatically looking out for the injured victim’s best interest. The tricks that insurance companies may try to play can be confusing and difficult to sort through.  

Choosing a top car accident lawyer in Virginia Beach means he or she will be focused on every detail in the case. A premiere auto accident lawyer in Virginia Beach will gather evidence and details of the auto accident, consult with appropriate experts related to the specific incident, then negotiate directly with the insurance company on the injured person’s behalf. It is critical that the injury attorney knows exactly what to look for during the injury claim process. 

In many cases, the attorney might even take a specific case to trial to retrieve the entitled compensation injury victims deserve.  Having a top accident attorney means there should be compassion toward the needs of the client.  Victims should be focused on their restored health and life and a top attorney will understand and respect this need. Life after any accident should be about hope and healing. 

“I am so glad I chose Barney Injury Law to help our family! After our thorough search, we decided to visit Barney Car Accident Lawyers in Virginia Beach. We felt Scott Barney was the best accident lawyer in Virginia Beach to help us. Scott Barney has been nothing but helpful and informative from day one. The staff are kind and caring and the entire firm is genuinely focused on helping our family members involved in the accident get back to being healthy.” – Taylor, Virginia Beach

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As a member of the Lawyers of Distinction, Attorney Scott Barney is one of the most well-respected top ranked car accident lawyers in Virginia Beach.  Scott Barney has demonstrated expertise in negotiating with insurance companies and other law firms throughout the greater Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach for over fifteen years, recovering millions of dollars for his clients. His top auto accident practice offers representation for all major accident and injury claims.  

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