There are two aspects of domestic violence – one could be a victim of any domestic violence while the other can be accused. If you happen to be a victim, then you must call the police for reporting your case against the abuser. In case, he is charged with this crime, then you must be prepared to work very closely along with the police while they investigate it.

Ultimately, you have to go to court for testifying. On the other hand, if you are the accused and charged with such domestic violence case, then you will need a successful defense and hence an attorney can help you. As a defendant, you must consider finding certain evidence that can support your innocence.

Spartacus Law Firm can provide you with a suitable domestic violence lawyer to represent your case in case you have been falsely accused of such a crime. 

Steps to be followed if you are a domestic violence victim is: 

  • Call the police
  • Request for a protective order
  • Cooperate always with the police
  • Report violations in case of any violation of your protective order
  • Prepare to testify
  • Attend court

In case, you have been falsely accused by your spouse, which often happens in many cases, where the accusation is made to prepare for a divorce case, the victim can have an upper hand. 

So, if you are an accused then you will go through the following steps:

  • Hire a lawyer
  • Pay for your bail
  • Collect evidence about your innocence
  • Find witnesses who may support your claim
  • Check whether the alleged victim finally is ready to recant
  • Dress appropriately while attending the court
  • Decide whether you would like to testify
  • If you decide to testify, then ensure that you must practice with the lawyer before attending the trial.

Going through any case for criminal domestic violence can always prove to be the most stressful as well as emotionally testing troubles that you may face. Here you are not only dealing with a certain criminal case, but also often you will face criminal protection orders and can also face alienation from the family members and also sometimes removal from your own home for a longer time. 

Domestic violence can bring under a condition, where the victim(s) of the alleged crime is none but your own family members. Therefore, there are certain family wounds for healing and facing emotional trauma too.

In certain situations, your arrest itself will be the last straw. This may lead to an end of a relationship that may end up with a divorce. The worst part is, often the court of domestic violence are backlogged, and hence domestic violence cases usually move very slowly. 

So, you will need a lot of perseverance while working with your defense lawyer, so that you are absolved from such a wrong accusation. Also, you must hire an experienced lawyer who can understand the sensitivity of the case and support you till you come out as innocent.

Therefore, contact Spartacus Law Firm to get a qualified and experienced lawyer for you.