Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation is a general term to describe a formalized dispute between opposing parties. Usually, the parties have hired lawyers to protect and advance their respective legal rights in anticipation of resolving the dispute at trial, arbitration, or some other forum, although most disputes settle before trial or even prior to initiating a lawsuit. If you are in a situation where you need to sue someone, are being sued, have questions about alternative dispute resolution, need to collect on a judgment or just need guidance about an escalating dispute, call for an initial consultation. Our firm can assist you in various civil litigation matters.

We typically represent clients in Shasta and Tehama State courts. Often times, however, we also litigate matters in other other counties and the Federal Courts. Mr. Murray handles most of the firm's ligation practice, and has brought successful resolution to many types of cases including:

Business Litigation

  • Corporate and Partnership disputes;

  • Contract disputes;

  • Collections

Real Estate

  • Boundary disputes; 

  • Easement and right-of-way issues; 

  • Title disputes;

  • Landlord/Tenant matters; 

Employment Litigation

  • Wage & Hour disputes;

  • Discrimination claims;

  • Protected Leave matters.

Estate Litigation

  • Trust Litigation and Administration

  • Probate matters

  • Home Owners Association Litgation

Prior to joining Liberty Law, Mr. Murray also handled litigation matters for a large multi-national firm in Sacramento, CA. Mr. Murray has a unique ability to negotiate successfully on behalf of his clients. He has helped his clients reach favorable settlement agreements before trial becomes necessary.  However, Mr. Murray has also taken matters to trial when no settlement could be reached. Set up a consultation today to discuss your matter further. 


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