It’s not shocking that cybercrime is on the increase in the modern world, but if you’re not careful, you may be a victim. Millions of dollars in damage may be done by cybercriminals to their victims. However, you should contact a criminal lawyer in Sydney without delay if you or a member of your family is under investigation for an internet-related offence.

Without passing judgment, a top Δικηγόρος δίωξης ηλεκτρονικού εγκλήματος may help you negotiate lower penalties or perhaps have your charges withdrawn.

In other words, what is “Cyber Crime” exactly?

Cybercrime, often known as computer crime, is a term that refers to illegal activities committed through the Internet. Using a computer for the purpose of committing fraud, trafficking in child pornographic material, violating privacy, stealing someone else’s identity, hacking, spamming, or any other illegal conduct is a serious offence.

In 1973, New York City saw the first documented case of cybercrime. Over $2 million was stolen by a bank teller who used a computer to conduct embezzlement. Cybercrime is increasing at an alarming pace that might soon exceed that of other illegal activities like drug trafficking.

Just what are the Various Types of Cybercrime?

The internet may be dangerous at times because of the acts of technically savvy people who engage in a wide range of unlawful activities there. Since the internet is inherently open, this is the case. Some members of a network will use the kindness of others for their own gain. However, there are a wide variety of online criminal activities, the most prominent of which will be discussed here.


You may have heard a lot about phishing recently, or you could have read somewhere that someone had been “cat-fished.” However, phishing is a kind of cyber attack in which hackers attempt to fool users or others who aren’t paying attention into doing an activity that they normally wouldn’t.

They trick their victims into doing something they shouldn’t, such visiting a malicious website or opening an infected attachment in an email. As with any phishing attack, the main aim here is for the attackers to steal the victim’s login credentials or access to their computer in general. These details will be used to hack into the victim’s inbox or other internet accounts.


In spite of the fact that this may come as somewhat of a surprise to some, it is really rather common. Infecting a computer with malware is a sort of cybercrime, and phishing is one way that may be used to perpetrate this crime. All the information on the victim’s PC will be encrypted if the attack is successful. A “ransom” is demanded in exchange for the return of the stolen data from the computer.

The following are examples of further prohibited internet activities:

Con artists that use Trojans and other tricks to steal your personal information Malware

Which kind of lawyer should I retain if I am accused of a cybercrime offence, and why?

Someone found guilty of cybercrime faces a maximum 10-year prison term, albeit their actual sentence will depend entirely on the quality of the legal representation they can afford. Get in touch with a top-tier Criminal Lawyer Sydney has to offer now if you wish to lessen your sentence.


Criminal charges may have a devastating impact on a person’s personal and professional life. Anyone facing charges for a cybercrime should talk to a seasoned criminal defense attorney right once.