Finding a good lawyer to handle your injury case can be daunting. The client and attorney’s relationship is essential so that the attorney can bring out the best outcome. It will help the attorney study the case quickly, gather essential facts and help the victim win it in his favor. 

If You Have Pre-Existing Injury 

Let your attorney know about pre-existing injuries, especially if the injury concerns the same body part. The insurance companies argue that the injury relates to the previous case. So, if the lawyer has a clear idea, he can arrange for your eligible compensation for the same. Even when the insurance company tries to object to the claim, an expert attorney can get a solid case in your favor.  

Criminal History, If Any  

Don’t hide any details from the attorney. The case will get value depending on the extent of the injury. Having your details will help the attorney frame the case right to help you face the interrogations smoothly.  

Problems of Re-Injury 

Your attorney should be aware of your re-injury and fight for the damage you have had from the accident. The lawyer will demonstrate that they only want a claim for the current injury, not the previous ones. 

Talk About Prior Claims, If Any 

Whether you have prior claims relating to injury or others, let the attorney know about it. Failing to discuss it can be detrimental to the claim for current injury. Both insurance companies and lawyers have details of past claim history. So, don’t let the insurance company know more than the attorney when dealing with your case. 

If You Are Into a Divorce 

Whether a divorce is ongoing or you are planning to file it, you must tell the attorney. Depending on your relationship, the attorney may not ask your spouse to appear for the trials.  

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