Drug crimes are increasing these days. A drug crime is an illegal activity related to the manufacture, possession, or distribution of drugs classified as having potential for abuse. Drug cartels and gangs often control drug trafficking and drug production. Some of the common drugs include cocaine, morphine, and heroin. However, not all drug crime charges are accurate, and that is why Drug Crimes Defense is essential for us to know.

Why Is It Important To Know About Drug Crime Defense?

If the police arrest you for a drug-related offense, you should first reach out to a certified DUI Defense Attorney. It could be related to drug transportation, manufacture, possession, or distribution. Every state has strict laws against drug crimes, due to which your conviction on these charges could potentially lead to a jail sentence or a collateral consequence. Collateral consequences include termination of services provided by the government, a loss of employment, or trouble finding decent housing. This will negatively impact you and your family. It may even make things difficult for your children in school.

Before you make a statement to the police, consult a certified lawyer because your statement can be used against you in court. This can further deteriorate your case and influence you negatively. Several factors influence the punishment, such as aggravating circumstances like robbery and murder and the type of drug concerned in the case.

If you have drug-related convictions previously or similar issues, it will tremendously influence the punishment negatively. You can receive community service, jail term, drug treatment, counseling, and probation as a part of the punishment. There could be fines or forfeiture of assets as well.


Drug Crime Defenses You Should Know.

When somebody is charged with drug crimes, they often feel overwhelmed and panicked. It’s normal to feel this way since it’s a massive deal for you and your family. The court case result can actually influence your life in a way you would never want it. Instead of panicking over the situation, reach out to a qualified Criminal Defense Attorney and let them assess your situation. They will help you determine which defense you should use.

 In cases related to drug crimes, stated facts, evidence, testimonies, or procedural errors are used as defenses. It is not a good idea to do your research and play with the evidence or try to temper it in any way. It is one of the most stupid mistakes that most people make in the hope that they will get out of the case without any court procedures. An attorney will help you assess the evidence and the risk factors associated with other essential aspects of the case. You should be aware of the potential defenses you can use, but let your autonomy decide which is best for your case.

  1. You can argue that the drugs did not belong to you. The prosecution has to prove that the procured drugs were yours or that you had any constructive possession of the drugs. Actual control is when the drugs are found with you. Constructive possession is when a person doesn’t have the drugs with them physically, but they have some type of dominance and control over them. Constructive possession is hard to prove in court since it is a little complicated. If you are arrested when you did not have drugs with you at the time of your arrest, your lawyer can fight the prosecution’s attempt on behalf that those drugs were not yours.
  2. A warrant is necessary to search you for your property legally. We all know that most arrests happen when the police don’t have a warrant. This could be due to the police officers’ suspension and beliefs. The prosecutor will try to prove that the police officer’s actions were justified and valid. On the other hand, your attorney has to prove to the court that the police officers’ attempts were not constitutional.
  3. Sometimes police officers undertake secret missions to find drugs where they may encourage you to do something you would not have done intentionally. You can use this as your defense as well.



Apart from these three common drug crime defenses, other possible differences exist. A certified lawyer who is well-established and experienced in these types of cases will help you assess your case and which defense you should use. They will help you get the most favorable case outcome with their experience and expertise. You should always hire a credible autonomy and once you have hired them, trust their abilities!