Getting a green card can be very hard, mainly in the US, because the country doesn’t advocate for immigrants to stay in their country for long. As an immigrant, and you want to remain overseas for an extended period of time, you need to find a way to get a green card before your visa expires. To be able to be on the safe side, you need to put some things into consideration and they are;

  • Getting married to a US citizen 

Getting engaged with one US citizen is one of the simplest ways to get a green card, but also it is one of the most tricky ways. You will require a green card lawyer who will help you with the whole process because you need to get married and not get married just for the green card. If you marry for the green card only, your advocate will help you with the instructions you need to follow. 

  • Immigration using family reunification 

When you want to move to the US and settle, you need to find a way to manoeuvre so that you will be able to acquire citizenship quickly. When you wish to receive a green card using this method, you will have to know that the process will take up to five years, so it could be a success. However, if you want a green card as fast as possible, it is advisable to reunite with your family member living in the US; it can be your partner or parents. 

  • Political Asylum in the USA

When you get asylum in the USA, you will have a chance to get your green card one year after you have passed the green card interview. Since the laws have been changing, your meeting with your consultation is usually scheduled for two months within the petition day and when this whole process is complete, getting a green card is more accessible. In order for you to get political asylum, some things are considered, and they are; race, religion, national identity and membership in a particular social group. In your interview, you must judge that you require a green card. 

  • Investment immigration 

You could get a temporary green card for 12 months, but only if you have an EV-5 investment. As your petition is being heard, you can hold on to the temporary green card before you get the original, which will take approximately six years. In case you have decided you want to stay in the US, make sure you plan it early enough so that you will be able to be ahead


If you want to be eligible for a green card you need to make sure you have looked into the things above keenly so that you can get your green card and become a US citizen. Also, make sure you get a good lawyer who will be able to educate you on everything you need to do to avoid any issues during the whole process.