Open free to use and open-source codes can be tremendously helpful for your website. For instance, Google Fonts offers a high degree of customisability, and even those who do not have too much experience coding are comfortable with something such as Google Fonts. However, due to the increase in concerns involving data protection and privacy, a lot of countries all over the world are choosing to enact laws pertaining to privacy and require that the use of any technology be compliant with such data protection laws, and privacy policy.  

Recently, the ruling of the Munich Regional Court from August 2022 has issued an admonition and has reiterated the importance of understanding how to use Google Fonts legally compliant manner and Google Fonts DSGVO Abmahnung. If you are someone who plans to do Google Fonts local integration for homepage or website, it is important to do so in a manner that conforms with the Munich judgement, and that is DSGVO complaint.

What has resulted in the European court’s judgement requiring 100 euros of compensation to be paid?

The ruling of the Munich Regional Court from August 2022 which has resulted in the admonition of using Google Fonts and Google Fonts download is due to concerns surrounding embedding Google Fonts DSGVO. The GDPR General Data Protection Regulation or DSGVO requires Google Fonts local integration to be compliant with data protection laws, including if you are to embed locally in Website. This indicates the intent of the court to enforce laws and ensure that data protection laws are conformed to, in relation to DSGVO.

While people may wonder what has resulted in such admonition, Google Fonts, embedding Google Fonts DSGVO through Google LLC, stores personally identifiable information or PII in its servers, while that it is not authorised to store such data without the consent of the users. This results in a violation of the privacy policy and the data protection laws in place. It is therefore no surprise that the Google Fonts local integration through Google Fonts download has come under the scanner and attracted admonition.

Further, because of this violation of the DSGVO, the ruling of the Munich Regional Court from August 2022 has also awarded a compensation of 100 euros to those affected due to the violation of their data protection rights, and has issued a warning to websites in its judgement, stressing on the importance to ensure adherence to the said regulations.

The ease of Google Fonts makes this a landmark judgement

People find it extremely easy to go the Google Fonts download route, and routinely check Website for Google Fonts, due to it being easy to embed and integrate, and open-source. However, irrespective of how easy it might be to use Google Fonts, if one plans to embed locally in Website, it must be remembered before embedding Google Fonts DSGVO that such embedding must be compliant with, and must conform to DSGVO, local data protection and privacy laws and the ruling of the Munich Regional Court from August 2022 which provided admonition to a website operator for not following the laws comprehensively. 

Why do people opt for Google Fonts, while there are multiple font options available?

This should come as a no-brainer, but the simplicity and ease of a Google Fonts download makes it popular. Further, it is also extremely simple to check Website for Google Fonts, and see if the website and its homepage are DSGVO compliant. Embed Google Fonts DSGVO compliant into the website locally services are also becoming popular today, which allows people to check whether embedding Google Fonts DSGVO are conform to local data protection laws.

How do I check whether a particular website is compliant with the ruling of the Munich Regional Court from August 2022?

One of the first things you need to do if you want to check whether Google Fonts DSGVO Abmahnung is compliant with the DSGVO judgement is by checking the homepage of the website. If the webpage or the homepage offers a warning and redirects you to its privacy policy, it is more likely to be DSGVO compliant. On the other hand, if the warning and ruling of the judgement has not been adhered to, then it is more likely that the operator of the website may require to pay you compensation, typically by issuing a reminder letter for 100 Euro DSGVO damages. While this compensation has currently been limited to one operator, it is believed that embedding Google Fonts DSGVO may result in the requirement of a lot more website operators to pay compensation for the violation of data protection laws.

It is critical to remember that the admonition of the court comes at a point where more people are becoming aware about the importance of privacy policy laws and data protection in the society today.