Employers may engage in illegal practices that harm workers or breach their rights. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult to deal with the employer because the job and the designation might be at stake. If you are in any such scenarios, you should consult an employment attorney norfolk VA. Below are a few circumstances under which you may hire an attorney. Have a look. 

It is advisable to hire an attorney if, 

  • The victim has experienced workplace harassment
  • The individual was treated unfairly due to a major protected feature, such as pregnancy.
  • The employee’s employer has taken adverse action against them since they have claimed a legal right. (like the right to demand overtime compensation) and have done so.
  • A stated or implicit employment contract has been breached to terminate the person’s employment.
  • The individual is intimidated into signing a document that waives their legal rights.
  • According to the employment contract, the employer isn’t providing them with the perks they are promised.
  • It may be necessary for an individual to lodge a workers’ compensation claim if they are hurt or fall ill at work. 
  • An employee may seek assistance from an employment attorney to submit the strongest claim feasible or to dispute the refusal of benefits.

Moreover, employees who perform in non-unionized environments and wish to attempt unionization may want to speak with an employment attorney. Employees can benefit from the guidance of an employment attorney by learning about their right to assemble a union and the actions they can take in support of that cause.

Such lawyers can educate workers about their rights, including the prohibition against being subjected to persecution because of privileged union activity.

Furthermore, workers or employees often are unaware of their legal rights and regulations. In most cases, employers can take advantage of this. However, an employment attorney can also counsel employers on their legal obligations and rights concerning union employees and attempts by workers to form a union at their place of employment.


As soon as a problem is identified, a person should contact an employment lawyer. If a person delays calling a lawyer, the delay may hinder them from demonstrating the employer’s misconduct in recovering compensation. Additionally, bringing legal claims and complaints usually has a deadline. Hence, if you wait too long, you could lose your chance to do so.