Automobile collisions are an everyday thing whether it be from recklessness, distraction, or even bad weather. These personal injury accidents can completely change our lives for the worst in just a matter of seconds. Even worse, traffic collisions can leave us with absolutely tragic consequences. 

However, today we’d like to talk about some of the most severe roadside accidents in our nation: trucking accidents. These injury accidents are perhaps less common than regular car accidents but the physical injuries and property damages from them are inevitably worse. 

Especially in situations where the accident victim operates a small vehicle, the consequences of colliding with a semi-truck or 18 wheelers will often be disastrous. In the event of suffering an accident of this proportion, you’ll need the assistance of a truck accident law firm. Thanks to the expertise of a truck accident lawyer, you’ll be able to seek compensation you deserve for your damages. Join us to find out how! 

A Semi-Truck Just Hit My Car! What Should I Do Now? 

Well, first thing’s first. You’ll need to make sure that you receive the proper medical care for your injuries. So, if you’re able to, call the police ASAP and request medical assistance. Furthermore, if you’re travelling with more people in your car, you’ll need to check on their health as well. 

Once the police arrive and the paramedics have checked you out, you’ll need to wait in place to receive an accident report. A semi truck accident attorney will always recommend that you never leave the scene of the accident or before law enforcement asks both parties what happened before the collision.

In that regard, you must then take photos and videos of both your personal injuries and damage to your car. Having these in your possession will allow your 18 wheeler accident lawyer to build up a convincing personal injury claim. 

Now that you have those photographs, it will be in your best interest to seek out any personal eyewitness that were present in the moment of the crash and can provide a factual account of the truck driver’s negligence. 

Now That I Know The Facts, How Can The Best Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me? 

We aren’t fooling around when we say that the above-mentioned steps will give you an advantage when trying to prove liability in the accident. However, the truth is that you will not be able to receive fair compensation on your own. 

You see, a tractor-trailer accident attorney is a full-blown expert at gathering the facts, protecting your rights, and securing the monetary settlement that you deserve. This is because these car accident lawyers have seen and dealt with thousands of truck accident cases similar to yours. They know what it takes to make sure that the case is won. 

One of the biggest mistakes a trucking accident victim can make is missing their state’s deadline to file their injury claim. Also known as a statute of limitations, there is a specific time frame to file paperwork and officially process the lawsuit. A trucking accident law firm will thus explain all of the legal terminology within the paperwork and make sure that you file them on time. 

Lastly, a truck accident law firm will not only gather all of the needed evidence to prove the trucker’s fault. More importantly, all of these legal experts will add monetary value to your injuries and losses. These include: 

  • Pain and suffering, 
  • Emotional anguish, 
  • Loss of income, 
  • Property damage, 
  • Future medical bills and 

costs of rehabilitation.  

Why Are You Waiting To Be Compensated? 

The facts are at your feet! You are now informed on the basics of a trucking accident and what exactly it is you need to do after the truck crash. However, after you follow those steps all you have to do is focus on getting better from your sustained injuries while a truck accident law firm takes care of the rest. Get compensated now!