Car accidents often involve an at-fault driver who was driving a company car. Being the one at the wheel, the driver is usually liable for car accident injuries and damages to property. However, the company they work for may also be liable to compensate you for your injuries.

The possible liability of the driver’s employer depends on several factors that will be addressed shortly. Also, it is important to note that liability laws depend on the location of the accident and the state laws guarding car accident cases in that area.

For instance, Michigan practices the “no-fault” insurance law, which means that injuries and damages may be covered by the insurance companies. That way, accident victims get the required treatment regardless of their role in the accident. Therefore, Michigan car accident lawyers focus more on gathering irrefutable evidence to reduce the chances of the claim being subverted by insurance companies. Some other key things to know include:

Accidents During and After Work Hours

If an accident occurs during work hours, i.e, the “at-fault” driver was doing something that directly benefited their employer, the company may be liable for the resulting damages.

However, if the employee was off the clock, and was using the company car to run personal errands at the time of the accident, then their employer may not need to bear the burden of compensating for the ensuing injuries and property damage.

Furthermore, if an accident occurs when the employee is running a personal errand on company time, the employer may not be liable for the damages caused during the accident.

Accidents Caused by Mechanical Issues

Just as an individual car owner is responsible for keeping their vehicle in good working condition, a company is also responsible for making sure there are no mechanical problems with their vehicles.

Therefore, if a malfunctioning vehicular part is found to be the cause of a car crash, the company or the driver’s employers can be held responsible for the damages. This rule applies even when the accident takes place outside the driver’s work hours.

Accidents Caused by Illegal Activities

Employers are usually not liable for accidents caused by employees who were committing an illegal activity at the time of the accident regardless of whether it happened during work hours or not.

For instance, an employee who causes a car accident while driving under the influence is breaking both the state’s laws and possibly their employer’s. Therefore, the driver, and not the company, will be held accountable for the damages.

There are other instances where an employer may not be liable for car accident injuries, one of such cases is if the “employee” is an independent contractor. Whichever the case may be, to file a successful injury claim, it is important to hire a competent car accident attorney who has significant experience in dealing with insurance companies.

A good car accident attorney would be able to prepare you for several possible instances when dealing with insurance companies. Furthermore, a good car accident attorney will work tirelessly to gather irrefutable evidence to secure an appropriate settlement for you.

settlement for gather irrefutable evidence to secure an appropriate settlement for you.