We all abide by the rules and regulations of the law, so if we are willing to violate any of the laws, then we are answerable to the courts, where lawyers conduct cases. There are different kinds of issues around us, and lawyers are needed.

So, suppose anyone has done any criminal activity, faced any real estate issues, or got into some situation in their estate. In that case, lawyers are there to assist you or get you over with that issue. They are named as

  • Criminal Attorneys
  • Real-Estate Attorneys
  • Estate Attorneys

Who Are Criminal Attorneys?

These attorneys mainly deal with criminal cases and act as a protector of the accused. Now, these lawyers can be found both in the government and the private sectors; the difference is that the appellant has to pay the charges of the case in the private sector.

Before placing the case in court, these lawyers go through too much evidence. Firstly, they will listen to the whole story. Then will try to gather all the proofs and documents by which his client can be set free or get a reduced sentence or charges. A criminal defense attorney is always on the verge of gathering extra information that cannot stop her from giving justice to her client.

The criminal defense attorney must be very experienced and fearless so that he has the nerve to deal with each problem or challenge.


Estate Lawyer

Now talking about Estate planning, attorney deal with issues relating to the property. They do have many works to perform.

  • Firstly, they help create the will per the owner’s guidance and ask them to search for a way out where they need to pay less tax than before.
  • Secondly, trying to settle the matter relating to property outside the court to avoid the court process.

Regarding these issues, an individual must consult an experienced one who likes to proceed through proper plans and also have the reputation of winning many cases. So estate planning attorney charge is based on 1 hour. Especially these attorneys are famous, so automatic, and they will charge high.

Suppose there are a few disputes in your property, then the estate planning lawyer will search for evidence to help clear the dispute. If the owner has expired, the property will be transferred to that person as per a power of attorney. These cases are primarily seen in the deceased property. They also help to share the wealth with the desired one, mentioned in the will.

Suppose any construction company is willing to take the authority of any particular land. In that case, they have to deal with estate planning lawyers who will help them to understand the consequences of taking the land forcefully. If the owner agrees, this particular lawyer will also describe all the terms and conditions. Try to appoint a lawyer who is very professional in solving complex cases and gained enough reputation.

Who Is A Real-Estate Attorney?

Now Real estate attorney, as you have guessed from the name, deals with real estate or apartments. Their clients are primarily promoters or developers. Now, if an individual buys a flat after several months, the work has yet to be started, so he must consult a real estate attorney to deal with the issue. The client must provide all the information to them and also will submit a xerox copy of all the documents. Most importantly, the contract, where they had mentioned the tentative date. So based on that, this particular attorney can raise a complaint against the promoter. At first, they will collect pieces of evidence that can be done by their hired individuals and then will present a court notice.


Real estate attorneys must be fluent and intelligent enough to identify the loopholes and be skilled sufficient to punish the accused. They are so experienced that they can turn the situation upside down. These attorneys must have in deph knowledge of real- estate and also learn about the law acts.

So lawyers are always needed to solve the problem, but you must know certain lawyers. So connect with your friends or family, who appointed or got relived from the case by certain lawyers.

The lawyers must be trained by a reputed college and receive a proper license. The Moment you feel frustrated knowing the problem, and no issue, try to contact experienced lawyers as soon as possible. They can charge you hourly, but if they made you win the case, then it’s worth a penny.