For several years, local authority legal departments were considered high status one of the different units and departments within the authority, and city clerks held a predicament of power. One report notes whenever their town clerk Mister George Ogden grew to become part of the committee room in Leicester, the councillors would really rise for feet. Mister George would tell them anything they needed to complete by departing the location, since he was way too crucial that you hear their discussion.

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However, a change started in 1988 while using the Town Act. This introduced CCT – Compulsory Competitive Tendering – and started with manual services for example grounds maintenance, refuse collection, building cleaning, and so forth, until 1993 when the spread as well as other departments such as the legal department. This introduced benefits in relation to efficiency of services and economy, nonetheless the reverence where the legal department occured started to reduce. There elevated to obtain considerably less top table corporate legal consultant positions plus much more positions of Mind of Legal Services in the lower level. Politicians started to question the relevance in the products were now considered backroom legal bureaucrats that have been not fertile voter ground, as opposed to frontline services that have been.

For quite some time, the legal department was tolerated as being a necessary but aggravating expense, however local politicians expect the legal department not only to cover their unique overheads, but to enhance extra money for the local authority, and there’s only a great way to do this and that’s to advertise legal services externally.

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One way by which you can do this is simply by the region Government physiques (Products or services) Act 1970. This permits a detailed authority to supply administrative, technical, or expertise on the vacation local authority or public body per ministerial order and impose electric power charge for it after they wish. Many town physiques used this Act to large degree to be able to grow their budgets, along with a classic example is Kent County council whose executive Geoff Wild authored the next within the Law Society Gazette in August 2012:

“Kent County Council Legal Services has created up a thriving exterior practice according to offering high-quality, low-cost legal services to town physiques and public sector physiques nationwide, which now accounts greater than 25% from the overall earnings and generates 1.5m yearly. . . To accomplish this, Kent has mainly used the forces contained in section one of the Town physiques (Products or services) Act 1970 to create contracts and use other public physiques for the way of getting legal services.”

Nice money if you can to have it. However, transporting out an urban area Act of 2003 along with the Localism Act 2011, it’s achievable for local authority legal departments to enhance the scope in the exterior activities beyond other town physiques and public physiques towards the private sector. However, to be able to stay with rules, how’s that for implementing a business or any other corporate medium also to have this, many government physiques have created an ABS – Alternative Business Structure – which should be licensed using the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Clearly, the primary business in the local authority legal department is always to provide legal services to its’ employing authority, and sometimes the authority would allocate it a yearly budget. However, following CCT, many legal departments altered with a zero budget and billed the different departments for services since they were provided. Today, despite the fact that austerity has formally ended using the recent Budget, many government physiques expect their legal departments to steer for coffers.