For the most knowledgeable and most experienced US and Israel business lawyer in Jerusalem, call the David Page Law office. David Page Law is licensed in both the United States and in Israel and can provide you with law services that will protect you, your business interests and your property rights in both countries.

International Law

International law is a complicated and complex field, especially in regards to business law. Neglecting to ensure that your business meets all legal regulations in all the countries in which you intend to do business – or even in the countries where you are filing taxes – can put your entire business at risk.

David Page Law office offers you professional legal services regarding the issues that affect your business. David Page Law will assist you in your business transactions, help you protect your intellectual property and direct you regarding taxation regulations in both the United States and in Israel as well as how to manage avoiding cases of double taxation.

Through the David Page Law office, you’ll be able to complete all bureaucratic tasks easily and efficiently. David Page Law will help you negotiate settlement terms, draft legal documents and represent you and your interests in a court of law as needed. At David Page Law we work with all types of businesses in every industry including health care, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, real estate and politics. Our years of extensive experience ensure that, regardless of the type of business that you have, your concerns will be addressed in all circumstances.

Bu­­siness Law

The David Page Law office can help business owners deal with all legal processes related to their business. The Law Office will help you file cases and prepare legal documents as needed by various governmental agencies both in the United States and in Israel. If you need to have your case heard in a court of law the David Page Law office will be able to represent you including the overseeing of all hearings and depositions. ­


Frequently, business owners try to take care of their own legal needs in order to save money. They use Internet forms or Google “how to” on the Internet. Some matters are indeed tasks that you can do yourself – reserving a domain name for your website, applying for employee IRS documents and writing a business plan.

If, however, you perform these tasks yourself you can find yourself facing difficulties down the road if you need to negotiate for the sale of your company, you need to deal with challenges from environmental authorities or employees, complaints from local, state or federal government entities, efforts to make special allocations of losses and profits, contribute property to a LLC or partnership agreement or more.

You don’t need a lawyer for every legal issue that may come up. But when you do, you should have a good US and Israel business lawyer in Jerusalemon your side, one who knows your business and has a vested interest in watching out for your rights and best interests.

For all matters pertaining to American business law, Israeli business law and the intersection of the two, David Page Law in Jerusalem is your best bet.