Every year, the Medicare program incurs a massive loss because of deceptive practices, as per the CMS reports. Medicare fraud makes the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars go into the drain, but it also defeats the purpose of the program. Apart from that, the scam also hurts the recipients of Medicare benefits.

Here is a quick guide giving you a walkthrough of how the fraud occurs and its negative consequences on the beneficiary. You will also learn how to identify the fraud and prevent it through Medicare fraud attorneys.

Why Medicare Fraud Counts?

Medicare Fraud Might Result In Expensive Health Care Services

You might have doubts about whether or not to care if someone else does a Medicare fraud. But to begin with, two key points shall inspire you to fight for the scam. One of the reasons is that Medicare fraud might cost expensive health care for everyone, including those who aren’t eligible for Medicare and the beneficiaries. When fraud happens, Medicare prices shall shoot up to cover the losses of fraud.

You OrYour Loved One Might Be The Next Victim Of Medicare Fraud

The second reason you must talk to business litigation attorneys Atlanta about preventing Medicare fraud is that you or your loved one might be the next victim of the scam. Medicare fraud might occur anytime you go inside an emergency room or visit a doctor’s office or clinic. Your Medicare card might get stolen, or you might even experience a dishonest person practicing inside a doctor’s chamber. Either way, you might be in trouble since both the Medicare card and the billing information will have your name on them.

Identifying Medicare Fraud And How?

The business litigation attorneys in Atlanta suggest that identifying Medicare fraud isn’t difficult if you can look out for suspicious activities. Some Medicare fraud red flags run inclusive of service providers that:

  • Provide free services against your Medicare card number or promise free of cost consultations for Medicare patients.
  • Force you to invest in expensive services.
  • Charge Medicare for unused services and tools to which you aren’t entitled.
  • Charge you for services that Medicare covers.
  • Use marketing gimmicks like door-to-door sales.
  • Here’s How You Can Prevent Medicare Fraud

One of the brilliant ways of preventing Medicare fraud is to keep a tab of your health provider and doctor visits, including the following:

  • Dates Of Receiving The Service
  • The Name Of The Provider
  • The Equipment Used
  • The Amount Charged From You.

Please keep all the statements saved of records sent to you by the doctor and compare them with the Medicare statements. Always keep a lookout for the discrepancies between the Medicare statements and the documents. For instance, the items you never received or failed to identify the provider on the Medicare claim.

What To Do If You Suspect Medicare Fraud By A Provider?

If you suspect Medicare fraud committed by a provider, you must always double-check to confirm that you are not questioning him out of assumption. But if at all the provider has committed the fraud, you must take the help of Atlanta’s business litigation attorneys. They will investigate the matter further and help you approach the fraud case safely.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to follow your instincts. Investigate every matter if the situation seems weird to you. Always remember Medicare fraud can be committed by people who don’t look like a criminal at all. It can also be achieved by a doctor you know and rely on. Hence, be very cautious when identifying the fraud and reporting the same.