Car accidents can result in irreparable damages to vehicles and individuals involved, from debilitating injuries or fatalities to devastation to property. A skilled car accident lawyer can help you seek justice and recover compensation for these losses.

Compensating for these losses includes both economic and non-economic damages. While economic damages cover financial losses such as medical bills or lost wages, non-economic ones encompass intangible ones like pain and suffering.


Experience is key when selecting a car accident attorney; having dealt with numerous similar cases, they know exactly how to get you compensation as quickly as possible. A skilled car accident lawyer will know how to negotiate with insurance companies to get you your funds as soon as possible.

An In-Depth Investigation

A qualified car accident lawyer will conduct an intensive investigation in your case in order to secure all of the evidence they require to prove liability, such as going back to the accident scene to observe and interview witnesses, reviewing medical records to ascertain your injuries, taking into account current and future medical bills, lost wages, reduced earning capacity damages as well as non-economic ones such as pain and suffering or emotional distress damages.

Filing Necessary Paperwork

An experienced attorney will ensure all necessary paperwork and documents are filed correctly and on time in order to keep your claim moving forward as planned. They also can ensure you do not miss key deadlines such as those associated with statute of limitations laws.

A great lawyer will not shy away from taking their case all the way to trial if necessary, fighting hard for their rights against both the at-fault party and their insurance provider. When they know your lawyer is ready to fight hard on your behalf, insurance companies are more likely to settle in an equitable manner.


Car accident injuries can be severe, necessitating medical intervention from experts. Lawyers experienced in car accident litigation can help provide the documentation required for these cases as well as navigate local laws and processes when resolving them, such as establishing fault or determining damages to pursue.

An insurance company often reviews claims in order to assess how much they’re willing to pay out, sometimes using this knowledge as leverage against you and delaying or offering less compensation than is due. Our New York City car accident lawyers can assist in helping avoid these tactics and ensure you receive fair compensation for your injury claim.

Our aggressive attorneys will assist in seeking both economic and non-economic damages related to your injury. Economic damages cover expenses such as medical bills or lost income; while non-economic damages include all the pain and suffering you’ve endured due to someone else’s negligence. These types of compensation usually aren’t included in insurance policies but you can seek them from those at fault.

The law requires government agencies responsible for maintaining safe roads to address any hazards they are aware of as soon as they arise; otherwise, fatal or catastrophic accidents could ensue; for instance, potholes, failing traffic signals, obstruction of signs or debris on the road could all contribute to serious car crashes.


As soon as you’re involved in a car accident, the priority should be seeking medical care immediately – even minor crashes can cause serious injuries that require urgent treatment. Furthermore, you should report it to law enforcement so an officer can conduct an investigation and complete an incident report that can provide invaluable details that help form a basis for filing an insurance claim or car accident lawsuit.

Under New York’s no-fault rules, your insurance provider is typically your first line of defense when seeking compensation after a collision. Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t enjoy making payouts and will work hard to deny or minimize them.

In cases involving multiple parties that share liability for a car accident, juries are permitted to compare and allocate responsibility between plaintiff and defendant and determine damage awards accordingly – this practice is known as comparative fault.

When hiring a car accident lawyer, you want to be certain they have an excellent reputation and the experience and expertise to handle your case successfully. 


Car accident lawyers act as advocates for their clients, taking on all the arduous work involved with filing claims for injuries caused by another party, from gathering evidence and filing paperwork to dealing with insurance companies and filing suit if necessary. Furthermore, these professionals understand local rules and regulations as well as time limits for filing suit against at-fault drivers and can present your case before either a judge or jury as needed; their experience ensures you receive fair and just compensation settlement.