A Legal Will Can prevent Family Disputes.

Your will is the primary legal document required to transfer your assets to your loved ones, upon your death. If you don’t have a will in place, then you must know the significance of having a will. Whenever a person dies without a will, the important decision of how your assets will be divided and among whom is taken by the court. You won’t have a say in who gets how many shares of your property and assets. Also, it creates a lot of legal hassle and stress for your loved ones. Thus, not having a proper will in place will make things difficult for your family and loved ones. 

Without a will, almost all assets will have to go through the court process for distribution. Also, the court will appoint an ‘executor’ to run through all your affairs, which can complicate things further for your family. By creating a will and appointing a trustworthy and capable executor, you can make the process easier for your family and loved ones. The executor you choose will perform the important responsibilities such as liquidating assets, distributing them as well as closing bank accounts. 

Also, if you are a parent, it is imperative to have a will, in which you appoint a reliable and loving guardian for the safe and comfortable upbringing of your children. A responsible guardian will take care of your children’s daily needs, education etc. This means that your children’s well-being will be looked after by the person you choose and not the court. Also, you can nominate a trusted care taker for your pets in your will and also leave some funds with them for your pet’s needs. Another very important reason to have a legal will is to prevent family disputes, especially if the relationship between family members is not that great.

You Can Create Your Will Online in Some Easy Steps.

Creating your will online is very easy and quick. With Your Will, an Australian company, you can create a will online, by following some simple steps. Your Wills offers a free 15- minute call with an SLF lawyer, to answer any legal questions, about the creation of your will. This telephonic support can help you save a lot of time and money, which you would otherwise give to a lawyer whom you ask for guidance. Having these experts at standby when you need them, gives a lot of peace of mind. Furthermore, you have to pay them right at the end, just before you check and submit your will. 

Once you nominate your executor, mention your assets and properties, appoint a guardian, carer, the Gifts in Wills, etc. you can download the PDF of your will and print it out. Also, Your Will will email you a copy of the will. The next step to legalize this will is to sign each page of the will in front of 2 reliable witnesses and take their sign on each page of the will. This is it, and you have a legal will with you. 

To address any further queries, you can get in touch with Your Will at https://www.yourwills.com.au/